Nutrition Retreat

Overcome health challenges by implementing dietary and lifestyle changes recommended by your home-based health care professional in the supportive environment of the Queen Bee Retreat. Here, you will benefit from the guidance of Queen Bee’s qualified nutritionist. Find yourself in a luxurious homestead connected to the fields of our organic farm with a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean. During your stay, experience the Island to the fullest. After a day of Island exploration, return home to the Retreat where you will find an abundance of nutritious foods and snacks waiting for you. In this way, you maintain your dietary regime while exploring an Island paradise.

No matter what stage you are at on your journey to improved health, our goal is to deliver you dietary support and guidance, and to enable you to connect with the roots of healthy nutrition in a manner that will measurably improve your quality of life.

Scientifically based knowledge about nutrition – something to chew on!

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Our philosophy

We believe in a plant-based diet based on whole natural foods without added salt, sugar or oil. However, we understand that you may be transitioning from a more conventional western diet to a vegetarian or vegan diet, or your health care professional may recommend a diet that is not vegan and includes meat, fish, poultry and/or dairy. We can accommodate your dietary regime. We offer a range of dietary choices, including menus planned with an 80/10/10 concept in mind (80% carbohydrates, 10% fat and 10% protein), and other menus with less carbohydrates and more fat or protein. You can expect to spend up to three hours per day either in consultations or gathering and preparing food at the Retreat. For the remainder of your day, feel free to explore the Island or relax on the balcony and enjoy the view of the ocean.

We open our doors to spouses and other supportive family members or friends who are not seeking dietary support and guidance.

“I want you to feel as energized as I do.”

Karen, Founder and Director

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What is included?

We will provide you with dietary support and guidance, diet related workshops, yoga classes, unlimited access to an exercise facility and, in addition, your meals and accommodation, local transportation, and, should you want to “get your hands dirty,” unlimited access to our organic farm. Meals will be made from produce grown on our farm, or from one of the other organic farms on the Island. The Azorean Islands are sub-tropical and temperate in climate. The agreeable climate and the fertility of the soil give us an abundance of fruits and vegetables year round.

You will be invited to participate with us in the gathering of your produce from our farm and the preparation of your food. This is because, when you return home, we want you to take with you the unique experience of harvesting the food that you eat, and to gain an enhanced repertoire of dietary choices to support your individual health challenges.

Mid-day temperatures in the Azores vary from about 12 to 18°C [54 to 64°F] during the winter and spring months and from about 18 to 27°C [64 to 80°F] during the summer and fall months.

Where will you stay?

Your stay will be in one of two homes of the Queen Bee Retreat in the rural village of Posto Santo on the Island of Terceira. One retreat home is located on the Queen Bee organic farm, which is situated in a forestry area on the edge of the village. The other is located in the village only a short walk away from the farm. Both homes provide you with a large private room and an ensuite bathroom with all the amenities. You will easily find tranquility and privacy throughout the house and in the private garden. Either home will give you direct access to and enjoyment of the farm.

Posto Santo means “Post of Health,” suitably named since, during the years of the Plague, no one from the village died from it.

Discover the Island during your stay

Enjoy the sites and activities of the Island at your leisure. You may choose to

  • take a walk;
  • ride a horse on the trails surrounding the Queen Bee farm or on our own private riding arena overlooking the ocean;
  • hike the trails which are marked and maintained throughout the Island;
  • go to the sea – swim, snorkel, dive or watch the dolphins and whales;
  • attend the local festivities; and
  • in the evenings, you may choose to participate in a yoga class or a class on mindfulness and nutrition, work out in local community gymnasium or just relax in Queen Bee’s jacuzzi

...the possibilities are endless.

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For more information about the Island, see Travel the Azores

* There are direct flights to the Azores on SATA International from Portugal (Lisbon, Porto, Funchal), USA (Boston, Providence), Canada (Toronto, Montreal), Germany (Frankfurt), UK (London Gatwick), Spain (Gran Canaria), Cape Verde (Praia). You may also fly through Lisbon on TAP.

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If you long to experience pure nature and celebrate local festivities with the extraordinary natives who define the Islands, then allow yourself to be drawn to the magnetism of the Azores! We will be waiting for you!

The Azores – 9 islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Some believe that the archipelago is the lost island of Atlantis. Inhabitants claim that they live in a paradise. To see which of these versions is true, you’ll need to experience the Islands yourself.

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