Our Products

Organic fruits and vegetables, home grown and dehydrated in the Azores by Queen Bee
Our products

Queen Bee offers home grown and dehydrated organic fruits and vegetables from the fertile soils of the Azores to the rest of the world. We deliver healthy snacks – ideal as a quick bite after exercising, during travelling, for your kids or as an addition to your daily salad! Our dehydrated products contain no additives and are gluten free.

Home grown and dehydrated

Our first priority is the nutritional value of our products. For this reason, we grow our own produce. The fertile volcanic soil of our Island makes it a perfect growing zone for fruits and vegetables.

We deliver your snack with the lowest possible loss of valuable nutrients. The fresher the produce, the more nutritious it is. That is why we are conscious of the amount of drying time and temperature. We avoid delay between harvesting and dehydrating a crop. Dehydration is done right in our own factory, and we package our products in packages with a high barrier for oxygen and moisture. We do everything we can to ensure that your delicious snacks arrive with the highest possible level of nutrients.


Healthier soil gives healthier produce, and healthier produce gives us better nourishment! We care about the environment as much as we do about (y)our health. Queen Bee Azores is a certified organic farm, using environmentally friendly organic farm methods.

From seed to sending

We are in control of our products. The whole production process, from planting the seeds through to the moment we send the final product out for shipment to you, is in our own hands. No unnecessary transport costs and dependence on third parties – we keep 100% control over the entire production so we can guarantee a safe and nutritious product.

What does Queen Bee grow and dehydrate?

We grow and dehydrate Yacon and Beetroot and make them available to you as healthy snacks. Other delicious fruits and vegetables are impatiently waiting their turn to be grown, dehydrated and delivered to you!