Travel the Azores

The Azores – 9 islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Some believe that the archipelago is the lost island of Atlantis. Inhabitants claim that they live in a paradise. To see which of these versions is true, you will need to experience the Islands yourself.

A world of natural beauty

Pristine nature is the first thing that will catch your attention here in the Azores. Juicy green vegetation, brilliant blue hydrangea flowers, clouds billowing over the blue ocean, the waters of the Atlantic stretching to the horizon – you will fall in love with this unique landscape at first sight!

The Azores offer endless activities for nature lovers. From hiking and exploring unique volcanic caves, to kayaking on the ocean, to stand-up paddleboarding, to swimming with dolphins and watching whales in their natural environment. If you like to raise your adrenaline, try canyoning in deep river gorges, or rock climbing on set courses. For those who love the underwater world, the Azores is one of the planet’s best places for snorkeling and diving. There is even an underwater archeological park! If you love nature, then the Azores are the place for you!

When you manage to take your eyes off the beauty of the natural surroundings, you will be pleasantly surprised at the friendliness of the Azorean people. The beauty of the Azores goes beyond the landscape; your time in the Islands will be defined by the warmth of its people. Experience the warm reception and kindness of the local community from the first moment of your arrival in the Azores. Passersby will spontaneously offer their guidance (often taking you wherever you want to go!), advise you on what to visit, and extend a helping hand however you need it during your stay on the Islands.

Celebrate unique local culture

The 1500-kilometer distance between the Azores and the mainland has kept the Islands isolated from the influence of so-called Western culture; thanks to that, local heritage has managed to thrive. The Azores Islands are home to many unique traditions. Some originated on the mainland long ago but have been lost to everyone except the Azoreans. Others were originally celebrated in the archipelago, or even only on Terceira Island. These mix of traditions – religious and otherwise – not only survive on the Azores, but form part of the fabric of everyday social life.

Espirito Santo

The Azores are home to traditional festivals and feasts, like the Espirito Santo (the Holy Spirit feast), that were abandoned long ago in mainland Portugal. The Espirito Santo is celebrated with processions of all members of the community, young and old. Each year, selected families are chosen by raffle to be adorned with crowns symbolizing that they are “Emperor for a day.”


Each island has its own exciting traditions. Only in Terceira will you find the festival of Carnaval, an island-wide celebration leading up to Ash Wednesday that islanders look forward to all year with days of dancing and singing. On Terceira, Carnaval is celebrated with costume parties and bailinhos – short plays with live music, that comment on current social and political affairs – and the festivities play out in community centers, private homes, and throughout the island's historic streets.


Also unique to Terceira are the 10-day summertime festivities of Sanjoaninas – also known as St. John’s Day. They are best known for the marchas, which involve dozens of community groups of dancing pairs that perform various formations, and sing along to music and lyrics composed by their own local orchestras. Sanjoaninas festivities also include the St. John’s bonfires on the 23rd of June, which kick off the long summer season. Watch video

Dia de São Martinho

Each year, Azoreans from all the Islands celebrate the end of the summer on Dia de São Martinho (St. Martin's Day), the 11th of November, by eating roasted chestnuts and drinking água-pé – local young wine.

If you long to experience pure nature and to celebrate local festivities with the extraordinary natives who define the Islands, then allow yourself to be drawn to the magnetism of the Azores! We will be waiting for you!