Volunteer With Us

Explore the Azores while learning about organic farming

Do you want to live and learn in the Azores? Join us on the Island of Terceira and learn about organic farming and nutrition while discovering all that the Island offers.

How does it work?

The Azores enjoy a sub-tropical climate that allows us to farm year-round, so we can use enthusiastic helping hands in all seasons. We provide food and accommodation, and offer the opportunity to gain first-hand learning and working experience, with incredible exposure to the unique and historically significant Azorean archipelago. In exchange, you help us on our organic farm and the dehydration facility, resulting in a mutually beneficial flow of ideas and knowledge. Sharing is caring!

For more information about the Islands see Travel the Azores.

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Sharing is caring

We believe that transparency in knowledge of nutrition, organic farming and the promotion of a healthy diet and lifestyle benefits health and well-being worldwide. We share with and learn from our volunteers, local farmers and nutrition retreat guests.

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