Where to Buy

Our Crunchy and organic yacon and beetroot slices are now available for purchase in the Azores, mainland Portugal and the Netherlands.


Azorbus – Terceira Island

BioAzorica – Terceira Island

Centro Dietético Francisco Pacheco – Terceira Island

Coisas & Sabores - Loja Gourmet – Terceira Island

Quinta dos Açores – Terceira Island

Supermarkets Continente – São Miguel Island – Faial Island – Terceira Island

Supermarket Guarita – Terceira Island

SPAR São Roque do Pico – Pico Island

Mainland Portugal

Celeiro stores throughout the mainland under the brand Nature Foods and online here

Biofrade – Agro – Pecuária, Lda – Lourinhã and other unspecified stores

Mercado das Ilhas – Lisbon

Other European locations

Yacón Oet Twente – Netherlands

Aanstreekelijk Shop – Netherlands